Eclipse 500 will be built in Russian also

Russia ain’t sitting quiet and is trying hard to cope up with the demands of Russians for international stuff. So if someone in this transcontinental country wants to own a foreign jet aircraft then its hurrah time for them now. The Eclipse 500 is the first foreign jet aircraft to be made in Russia. The Dutch investment company Etirc Aviation, the U.S. manufacturer Eclipse Aviation and the Russian Aviastar aircraft complex have laid the foundations for the Eclipse 500 micro-jets assembly plant. Ulyanovsk, the hometown of Lenin, will soon become home to a new breed of very light business jets. Starting from 2009, Etirc Aviation has ambitious plans to produce up to 500 jets a year.

In the U.S. for about $ 1.5 million you can own this jet and that is about the same price as a flat in the center of Moscow. So it’s going to be pretty affordable for Russians. Designers say this is what the new face of business aviation will look like – prestigious and affordable for Russia’s growing class of millionaires.