Ecosse Heretic Titanium – the world’s most expensive motorcycle

Don’t blame me for not putting this post earlier. It’s just that so many interesting things have been mushrooming that some equally amazing stuff is just missed. However better late than never, here is the Ecosse Heretic Titanium – the most expensive new bike on the market. Carrying a noteworthy list price of US$270,000, it does have features to compliment it too. Powered by a 2147 cc engine, it pumps out an immense 207bhp and an equally hefty 218ftlb of torque. The engine is machined from a solid block of billet aluminum and features a race-spec crankshaft, a supercharger, intercooler, and fuel injection. Nevertheless, the engine isn’t the most exotic part of the bike. In fact, that honor goes to the chassis, which appears identical to the standard Ecosse Heretic frame but is hand made from titanium. Since we know that Titanium is incredibly expensive, as well as being difficult to manipulate and weld, Ecosse had to ship in specially-qualified titanium welders to turn the exotic material into frames. The list of exotic parts goes on and on………

The brakes are custom-made ISRs, with six pots on each of the radial-mounted calipers. All the bodywork is race-spec carbon fiber, formed in an autoclave, while the wheels, from BST, are made of the same material. All the lightweight kit helps cut the weight of the bike to 192kg which is not much considering the complete size of its engine. Each of the bikes even comes with a matching BRM chronograph watch, itself worth several thousand pounds, complete with a titanium bezel and an engraved serial number to match the bike. Offered in a limited edition, all this for $270, 000 is worth every penny!