Ed Shadle turns a jet fighter into the world’s fastest car

Many men and women love to live life in the fast lane. And vehicles that satisfy their needs for speed give them a certain kind of high. Here is another speed junkie who is set to take his passion for speed to another level. Ed Shadle is busy converting an old fighter jet into a land vehicle capable of going 800MPH! Wondering where he managed to get the fighter in the first place? Here’s the story. A long time ago (actually ten years ago), Ed Shadle managed to buy a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter for $25,000, and since then, he and his buddies have spent the years since turning it into the world’s fastest hot rod. Ed and his buddies aim to break the land speed record last year, shooing for 800MPH! Here’s wishing Ed and his buddy’s success! I seriously wish their dream comes true.

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