EDAG Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce….the brand is synonymous with wealth, luxury, comfort, and traveling. But the folks at EDAG dared to disagree and decided to pimp up the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Motorauthority has ideally described it as the world’s smallest motorhome or the biggest mobile PC! Scheduled to debut at the Geneva Auto Show the EDAG Rolls-Royce Phantom has an articulating roof design that eliminates the need for rear passengers to duck down as they enter the car. Inspiration for the roof opening comes from what EDAG considers an oversight by Rolls-Royce. EDAG has come up with a solution that involves fitting an articulating carbon-fiber roof that rises up at the push of a button so occupants can walk right in and sit down.

Beyond the sitting comfort, the EDAG Phantom has an extensive selection of technological comforts as well. The list includes mobile internet access, email and text messaging, a built-in PC, mobile phone and a fully intelligent navigation system. It will also provide means to integrate existing third-party devices into the vehicle’s systems, allowing the owner to upgrade each independently whenever he or she so chooses. No clue about it hitting the production stage.

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