Eisenmann turns the Audi R8 into the Spark Eight

Tuners, Eisenmann has shown to the world that its expertise is not restricted to superior performance exhaust systems but extends to giving a whole new makeover to your car. Allowing actions to speak louder than words, Eisenmann has let their latest tuning creation, the Spark Eight, a revamped Audi R8, do the talking for them. And starting with what they do best, let’s begin with the exhaust system on this creation. According to Eisenmann, the Spark Eight is equipped with a performance stainless steel system, with a gigantic tailpipe exit in the rear spoiler center (4600 Euro ($6430)). Eisenmann is also offering an exhaust system with four stainless steel tailpipes (3800 Euro ($5308)) combined with the standard rear spoiler as an alternative. Besides a new exhaust system, the Audi R8 package includes a carbon aerodynamic package, the alloy wheels, the chassis, and a new exhaust system.

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The carbon aerodynamic package is made up of a spoiler with grille and fins (7800 Euro ($10,900)), the brake cooling chambers (1260 Euro ($1,760)), the front splitter (1800 Euro ($2515)), the rear spoiler with grille (800 euro ($1120)), and the rear diffuser (3800 Euro ($5308)). New shock absorbers with four performance springs (3850 Euro ($5378)) and a new set of 19″ alloy wheels (complete set 7300 Euro ($10.200)) are offered for the chassis.
Sparks are sure to fly when you hit the roads in the Spark Eight.

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