Electric bicycle with 8 speed transmission

Cycling isn’t necessarily healthy all the time. If you force your poor body to climb a steep hill for half an hour you surely are bound to be a victim of back pain or some other strain related problem. So let’s be kind to our body for a change and get something that will make cycling a better, healthier, and safer option. Hammacher Schlemmer has come out with this cool bicycle concept that has 8-speed transmission in a horizontal chain and is powered up by a 750-watt motor. It can speed at 20 mph and a single five-hour charge can take you 30 miles. Coming back to the health part, the bike can be turned into a regular one with all the manpower taking over the ride.

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It’s good to go for things that are made to make your life easier and fitter. Sadly these things aren’t all that cheap. This bike for instance costs $5,500.