Electrobike model Pi kit is a friend in need

During school days, I remember how much I used to crib every morning to ride my bicycle to the school, which was a few miles away. Even the morning time was quite acceptable, but when I had to go cycling up the hillock to reach my house on the top after a weary day at school, I used to be at my wit’s end! Life is so much easier for those kids as well as oldies today with the Electrobike Model Pi kit that combines the lightweight portability of a bicycle with speed and self-propulsion, more analogous to the motorcycle. Considered to be a human-electric hybrid, it is a breakthrough in environmentally sound transportation and ideal for commuting transport. Pi has a charge ability of 2.5-3 hrs that goes up to 25-30 miles and its hybrid feature indicates the three modes, which are switchable with a thumb throttle on the handlebar. The extraordinary feature of this bike, which I am thoroughly excited about, is the switchability of modes, i.e., the Pedal power mode and the fully motorized mode. When you take a ride downtown to the grocery shop, you could take this environment-friendly vehicle, instead of the huge car for a small job. Exercise, style, and good work for this planet earth is an “all in one package” provided by this intelligent Electrobike.

Electrobike model Pi kit comes loaded for $8,000 with a kick-start, rear-carrying rack, two-panniers, two seats for the right fit, and a voucher for a helmet and also the bike is adjustable to suit humans of different sizes.