Emirates scraps first class and adds 98 economy seats to create the largest passenger plane

The equation seems wrong. It cannot be right, after the kind of money Emirates pumps into its marketing and brand image of being one of the most luxurious airline companies in the world. When they released their new Jennifer Aniston ad, we began getting that itch and now with news about them scrapping their First Class for more Economy, things seem to be clearer as to where Emirates is headed. While shooting for the stars, the airline seems to prefer cradling on top of a tree, forget clouds or anywhere beyond that. In short, they have degraded. Something about this makes me smile, in the unpleasant ‘told-you-karma-was-a-bitch’ smile. They wounded the spirit of a distraught pregnant /new mother a while back. This gives me reason to smile that an airline who cannot treat its passengers right, will not find any loyal passengers in sight.

Emirates has unveiled a new Airbus 380-800 with 98 additional seats, totalling to 615. This is the most number of seats for an airline to offer; but of course. By next month they plan to start this on the Dubai-Copenhagen route. The airline has 59 A380s currently, with another 81 ordered. A further 200 will be added, if Airbus meets some tweaks that the ambitious airliner has requested. The new addition gives Business Class 18 new seats and the rest fall in Economy. First Class will be gone. That is not a very luxury-centred move but more of an income generating one. I am no Emirates fan, and feel that this expansion is only going to add more grief for its passengers, not comfort, and far less any luxury. But this is what methinks. If you are taking a flight to Denmark later this year, write to us and let us know how it went.

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