Enjoy a mid-air luxury shopping experience courtesy Revolution Air

If you thought nothing could get more exclusive and luxurious than the luxury vending machine, think again. Ron Goldstein, president of Revolution Air, is all set to take the luxurious shopping experience to a ‘higher level,’ literally. Revolution Air is collaborating with SkyBuyHigh to offer passengers an in-flight luxury-shopping experience. This mid-air shop will include products and items from luxury watchmakers Dior, Zenith, and Tag Heuer and world-renowned fashion designers, such as Judith Leiber and Adrienne Landau.

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According to Goldstein, having the opportunity to shop onboard will save his extremely busy clients a lot of time and energy. The company’s proprietary on-screen catalog is displayed in-flight to passengers flying Revolution Air, and all the merchandise offered is sold free of tax and shipping fee! They’re also additional luxury services like travel packages for the passengers.
This new addition will definitely treat all shopaholic divas who can’t have enough of shopping.

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