Entrepreneur Stephen Hung finally receives custom made fleet of 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms

Though it is not uncommon for hoteliers to maintain a force of uber-luxurious cars, Stephen Hung, owner of the ‘larger than life’ Louis XIII Hotel and Casino in Macau made sure hotel shuttles take on a whole new meaning. Even when the much awaited ‘The 13’ hotel was pending completion, Hung custom-ordered 30 Rolls- Royce Phantoms that happened to be the biggest bulk order in the company’s long standing history.

While doing the ordinary is clearly not Mr. Hung’s way, his made to order Phantoms come in a glossy“ Stephen” red with interiors that loudly spell- Quirk. The design also incorporates a hand painted gold twin coach line that seamlessly culminates into an exclusive The 13 motiff, along with tires that perfectly merge with the car’s signature red color. The custom made line will also include two gold Phantoms(painted with the Stephen red infused with gold particles) that feature a gold Pantheon grille, gold interior accents and a diamond encrusted Rolls-Royce badge, reserved only for the VVIP’S. Stunning exteriors apart, the interiors showcase a special wood stained technique with checkered seats that clearly reflect onto the marble entrance hall motif of the hotel.

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While the first of these luxury phantoms was presented to Mr. Hung in March ,at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show this year, the final fleet has now left its home in Goodwood, England for its ultimate destination in Macau. With the Hotel’s wheelbase alone valuing at $20 million, the grandeur of The 13 Hotel on completion will certainly be something to look out for!

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[ Via : Bmwblog ]