Epic Elite…the right way to fly!

If I ever intend to buy a jet ( like in a million years) it will surely be the Epic Elite. Epic aviation brings forth the Elite, a single pilot jet that you will love at first sight. The Epic Elite is a twin-engine VLJ (I am guessing that stands for a very light jet). The carbon fiber Elite is powered by two Williams Jet FJ-33-4 engines which deliver 1,415 kg of thrust. The new jet can reach 12,497 meters in less than 17 minutes and boasts a top speed of 410 KTAS. Its range at economy cruise is more than 2,963 kilometers with reserves and 603 kg of the usable payload after fuel.

After all that techno info, we can move on to something more understandable, like its interiors. The sophisticated cockpit features the all-glass Garmin G900X panels, and the Elite will be RVSM compliant. True to design for all Epic Aircraft, the Elite can take off with all the seats occupied, full fuel, and luggage. This jet is all set to go! If you ever feel like taking someone else instead of that pilot, I’m game!

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