Excelsior Dawes Hovercraft: A military grade hovercraft for $65million

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a Hovercraft. The amazing vehicle that is known for traveling on land water and ice as well has fascinated many. But alas, thanks to their extremely expensive price tags, very few can enjoy the luxury of owning them. For these lucky few folks, here is the best and probably the most expensive Hovercraft that money can buy. Known as the Excelsior Dawes Hovercraft it is priced at a whopping $65 million! A thorough military vehicle, this 179-foot military grade Hovercraft was designed for landing troops and transports on enemy shores. The hardcore Hovercraft boasts of two stabilized multiple rocket launchers, four portable air defense missile systems, enough room to hold three tanks and 140 troops, complete with living quarters, life support, and nuclear, biological, and chemical protection areas, and a square-shaped pontoon structure for a rugged, stable platform at sea.

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For the eccentric luxury lover who wishes to conquer the world, this Hovercraft is definitely one mean machine. Peace loving folks should stick to Hovercrafts like the Canair.