Experience the thrill of riding in a Formula One Race Car

Pamper yourself with the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. Your chance to experience the excitement and thrill of enjoying a ride in a modified Jordan F1 racecar is here! This electrifying program gives you the opportunity to set your pulse rating sitting next to a professional driver in a modified Jordan F1 racecar with 2-side seats.

The Dojupa Group in collaboration with Eric Bachelart and Conquest Racing has created this one and only North American 3-Seater GP Experience. They are committed to give you an unforgettable experience equivalent to the sensation and thrill experienced by a real GP driver!

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This exhilarating journey will begin by karting and/or an exotic car drive to acclimatize your body with quick acceleration, cornering and braking forces before plunging it into authentic racing equipment. This will be followed by seating the participants in the Formula 1 car once they are equipped with the necessary racing gear for optimum safety. Next even before you can imagine, you will be diving into corners around the track and racing laps with an experience which will last a lifetime!

You can book this rare and luxurious once in a lifetime opportunity to chase the speed of 200 mph at the Formula GP Experience with 2 flexible options. Discovery Package avails you with a 2 lap GPX3 experience for duration of 2 hours costing $999 while Grand Prix Package gives you an opportunity to enjoy a 2 lap GPX3 experience with an addition of an exotic car drive for half a day with a price of $1,399.

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The chance to experience the heart-racing thrill and the acceleration from zero to 60 mph in only 1.8 seconds will surely be worth every penny spent!

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