Fancy driving an Aston Martin DB11 Volante on ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

Sitting behind the wheel of a potent sports car and driving flat-out on slippery ice surface not only sounds crazy but is a disaster waiting to happen. However, when the world’s best drivers teach you to do it right in a controlled environment the experience is unlike any other. Aston Martin’s On Ice program offers this unique opportunity to guests where they can play around in the British automaker’s different luxury sports cars slipping and sliding about on ice. After Europe, US and New Zealand, Aston is bringing the program in the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time.

Scheduled to take place from Feb 8-12 2018, the participants of the Aston Martin ‘On Ice program’ in Japan will get a chance to learn the art of driving in ice and snowed out roads in Hokkaido from professional driving instructors. Aston will bring its flagship Vanquish S for the event along with the incredibly beautiful DB11 Volante. To help relax after the exhausting ride in tricky condition, the guests will be hosted at luxurious accommodation in the east of Hokkaido, with private open-air Onsen baths as well as the choice of either traditional Japanese or Western-style beds.

[More info at Aston Martin]

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