Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle redefines luxury travel

Wednesday saw a lot of Fendi shoppers indulging themselves in new wheels at a shopping event held to celebrate Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle being featured in the Vogue’s Last Look page in June. This exquisite Fendi bicycle is designed especially for luxe city travelling. Equipped with all things luxurious, this bicycle is available in two versions. The low priced (still unaffordable for many) version comes with Fendi’s Selleria leather accessories like a key and bike chain cover and leather GPS navigation holder as well as a detachable Fendi case that on its own costs $975! The second extravagant version on the other hand comes complete with removable fur saddlebags. A beauty, it has redefined luxurious travel.

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The lower priced version costs $6000 while the higher extravagant version costs a whopping $10,000. And just so you know, Fendi’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue managed to make 4 sales that evening – two of the higher version while two of the lower.

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