Fendi-Inglesina luxury baby stroller lets your little one sleep in the lap of luxury

It’s been a quite a while since we saw big designer labels step out from the usual confines of shoes, apparel and bags, and open up their creative side to anything that either remain unexplored or is extremely popular in the contemporary scenario. The marriage between technology and fashion is old news now. Just when you thought how else a design house could digress, Fendi has teamed up with luxury children’s manufacturer to create luxurious baby stroller, pram and carrier for fashion-conscious parents. With Fendi-Inglesina line, celebrity babies will not only dress up in most organic, designer savvy items from birth, but they will also now sleep in the lap of luxury.

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The Fendi-Inglesina line here include a stroller, pram and baby carrier which boast of a perfect and a seamless integration of child safety and design elements. With Christmas being just being few days away, this could be the first luxury gift for your new born.
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