Fenice Milano La Dolce Vita Fiat 500 rides in with 24 ct gold trimmings

Fenice Milano is the latest tuner to have succumbed to the beauty of the Fiat 500. The tuners have taken the top variant of the drop-top vehicle, which was released earlier this year, and given it an Italian touch. The custom beauty has been christened La Dolce Vita and definitely doesn’t fail to attract the car enthusiast and collector’s roving eye. Bespoke touches are provided to the car by 24 ct gold inserts that can be seen everywhere from the side pillars, exterior mirrors, headlights, new custom golden 17-inch wheels to the golden exhaust pipe. The finishing touches are provided by a beautiful handmade teak detailing. Fenice Milano has created two minimal edition versions of this custom beauty: a deep red model dubbed the Sportiva and a striking golden pearl white dubbed the Classica.

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La Dolce Vita Fiat 500_3.jpg
Those interested can buy the custom Fenice Milano La Dolce Vita Fiat 500 at JamesList.

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