Ferrari 458 Italia loaded $155,000 of optional extras

We recently did a post which covered the options list that comes along Ferrari’s F12 Berlinetta. If the $65K options list seemed ridiculous, wait till you hear the one that accompanies Ferrari 458 Italia. The general notion is if someone can buy a Ferrari than he or she won’t or at least shouldn’t find the options’ list too outlandish. But the pupils will definitely widen if the options list alone totals to a staggering figure of $155,000. That kind of money can buy some of the best exotic supercars including the new Jaguar F-type.

The base price of a Ferrari 458 Italia is $277,330. People from FortyOneSix tried finding out what all does a buyer get for the extra $155,000 splurged on the Ferrari’s Flagship model. The video goes through all the optional extras along with their price tags. Don’t be surprised if some very small carbon fiber components cost as much as a proper road-going car. After all, we’re talking about a Ferrari!

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[Carscoop via Fortyonesix]