Ferrari F12tdf – 770hp of pure, ultra exclusive awesomeness

When a company that makes superfast cars for a living decides it’s time to revive, re-launch, refurbish or simply re-imagine a cult-classic automobile in an upgraded “higher” performance form, the industry tends to pause and take notice. Ferrari’s F12 Berlinetta has just undergone through an upgrading process and come out the other end as the more souped-up F12tdf that retains most of the styling of the absolutely gorgeous original coup with a few distinctive and relevant additions to make it a little faster, a little better and definitely a more hardcore version.

Ferrari_F12tdf 2
The Ferrari F12tdf is actually a tribute to the company’s massive success in the Tour de France motorsport races that they dominated back in 1955 through to 1964. The slick craftsmanship of the vehicle’s slightly altered design helps boost its performance by a couple of seconds making a fast car, just that much speedier. The F12tdf can hit a maximum speed of 211 MPH and goes from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds, so blink and it’ll be gone. Ferrari has upgraded the horsepower of this beauty from 730 to 769 and has put the car on a strict diet, building its agility and speed while shedding quite a bit of unwanted weight; of course this was achieved through the use of more carbon fiber and aluminum where required. The extra push required to make the new and more aerodynamic F12tdf faster and more stable, was achieved with a specially designed carbon fiber “Aerobridge” that redirects air to increase downforce making the vehicle grip the pavement better at high speeds.

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The new Ferrari F12tdf is also a limited edition model with just 799 cars being put together by the company in Modena. It will be sold in both left-hand-drive and right-hand-drive models and carry a price tag of $808,888 not including on-road costs. Maybe we’ll see it in the next Fast and Furious movie or maybe a new Autobot might decide to use the new Ferrari schematic as their design either ways, as speed demons go, the F12tdf is most assuredly on the list.

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