Ferrari is designing a 50 meter luxury sailboat superyacht

Ferrari has decided to take to the high seas with a 50 meter long ‘Sloop’ luxury sailboat that is being built in collaboration with Alberto Franchi. I guess they figured if Aston Martin is getting into the boat building business, then it was time the Italian’s get into the water as well. The stylish and luxurious looking ocean going vessel infuses modern design with what looks like quite an expanse of space for outside entertainment as well, using a Reverse Bow design.

Ferrari and Alberto Franchi 50 meter luxury sailboat superyacht 3
Using the same design technique, the craft has been structured to hold its own on the high seas as well as to sail in annual regattas quite efficiently and with all the creature comforts that those who would able to afford it, can think of. The “superyacht” concept that the two companies have submitted is designed to accommodate a total of 8-10 persons on board who could stay quite comfortably in 3 cabins and an owner’s suite. However, the design could be customized/tweaked a little to feature a total of 4 guest cabins that would then accommodate a total of 10 people on board.
Ferrari and Alberto Franchi 50 meter luxury sailboat superyacht 5
Facilities include a full sized Jacuzzi, wide windows to provide for as much natural light as possible for the interiors, dinning for up to 10 guests that would allow you to eat in peace without the elements posting a threat to your aperitifs, a large sun bed, two seat private lounge and plenty more. One of the highlights of this slick looking craft is the 63 meter tall mast that would allow the vessel to traverse quite easily even in shallow waters and locations such as the Panama or the Suez canals without any problems.
Ferrari and Alberto Franchi 50 meter luxury sailboat superyacht 6
As of now the Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi collaborated 50 meter ‘Sloop’ superyacht is just a concept but if we know these companies, it’s only a matter of time and requirements from avid wealthy patrons that would get this boat to the production lines.

[Via – Design Boom]

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