Ferrari 458 Italia China Limited Edition is listed at $880,000

Only 20 affluent Chinese will be able to get their hands on the dazzling Ferrari 458 Italia China Limited Edition that will roll out with a price tag of $880,000. And what does this exclusive prancing horse on wheels deliver for that amount? To start with, this limited edition Ferrari celebrates the brand’s 20 years of existence in China. Also the Ferrari 458 Italia China Limited Edition comes with special Marco Polo red paint and a lot of gold on the doors, wheel alloys as well as in the interior. To mark the year of Dragon, it also sports dragons on the nose, head rests and floor mats.

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Ferrari_458 Italia_China_Limited_Edition_1.jpg

Ferrari_458 Italia_China_Limited_Edition_3.jpg

Ferrari_458 Italia_China_Limited_Edition_5.jpg
Ferrari_458 Italia_China_Limited_Edition_6.jpg
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