Ferrari 458 Italia to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show

Ferrari has taken the wraps off of its latest mid-engine model, the 458 Italia, unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The 458 Italia’s aerodynamic, Pininfarina-penned shape has been designed to get the most out of a new 4.5-liter, direct-injected, mid-mounted V8 cranks out 570 horsepower at 9,000 rpm (a class-leading 127 horsepower per liter). The 458 has been designed to replace the 430 and promises to be one high-performance Ferrari. According to Ferrari, the basic design boasts of elements from the 430, California, and the Enzo while increasing downforce to 140 kg at 200 km/h. The chassis is aluminum and features advanced alloys and aerospace industry manufacturing and bonding techniques. Besides the 458 Italia, it also boasts of a twin wishbone/multi-link suspension, and E-Diff works with a more advanced traction control system. The powerful car can reach a top speed of over 201 miles per hour and accelerate to 62 mph in under 3.4 seconds. The 458 Italia produces 320 g/km of CO2 and uses fuel at 17 mpg. Since the photos of the interiors haven’t been released yet, we will have to rely on Ferrari’s statement, which says the 458 Italia has a new layout that puts all of the primary controls on the steering wheel.

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The 458 Italia is 178.2 inches long, 76.3 inches wide and 47.8 inches tall and its wheelbase stretches 104.3 inches. Promising to be a show stopper, the 458 Italia will surely take your breath away.


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