Ferrari 458 Italia to boast of hi-tech steering wheel

We recently told you about the Ferrari 458 Italia which is all set to make its debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Well, Maranello has just released a few more pics and revealed a few more tech-specs about this beauty that we can’t wait to share with you. Besides the powerful V8 engine, this car has been equipped with a unique hi-tech steering wheel. One look at this new steering wheel and you will be assured that the traditional “dashboard” with a row of gauges and switches are now a thing of the past. Unlike other cars, all the main inputs in the 458 Italia will be on the steering wheel. The secondary inputs, too, are located on two “satellite pods” on either side. The pods frame a comprehensive instrument panel that keeps the driver informed and concentrating on the task at hand, tearing up a twisty road. This makes sense from a packaging standpoint and a safety and control angle since it allows the drivers to keep their hands on the wheel throughout.

Switches for turn indicators, high beam, wiper controls, and the like are buttons on the steering wheel boss. The button to change the shock absorber settings-the “managing” now falls readily to hand next to that big red “Engine Start” button. The controls for the stereo system are on the back of the steering wheel. Ferrari also lengthened the shift paddles, making gear changes even easier from any steering angle. The amazing hi-tech engine perfectly complements this powerful speedster.
Simply fabulous, this hi-tech steering wheel has only upped the USP of this dream machine. Way to go Ferrari.

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