Ferrari California fitted with HELE system unveiled at Paris Motor Show

Among the many cars debuting at the Paris Motor Show 2010 is the Ferrari California. With this new car, Ferrari can definitely count on environmentalists being the automaker’s number one fans. Why? Because the Ferrari California is fitted with the unique HELE System. HELE is the abbreviation for High Emotion Low Emissions and is a system that has been designed to reduce C02 emissions. This unique feature is sure to hit the right chord with environmentally conscious car enthusiasts. The HELE system uses several genius technical measures, including a start/stop function that can restart the car in 230 milliseconds. Overall the HELE system helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 23 percent. So now you can have even more fun zooming down the roads in your Ferrari, knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment.

A beauty, this car, with its environmentally conscious system, is truly a class apart.

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