Ferrari California Limited Edition heads Japan

There are cars, there are sports cars, and then there’s Ferrari. With an almost cult-like status among cars, this Italian stallion has remained the unchallenged hero of the track with its unapologetic streak of doing the unthinkable, just like this time. Ferrari plans to debut in Japan, and in true Italian style, it is doing so by introducing a brand new Ferrari to the market. Not just another version of this classic, but a completely overhauled limited edition. Called the Ferrari California Limited Edition, the car will boast the whole range of upgrades over their standard model. However, the highlight of this car will be its lightness, thanks to the carbon fiber rocker panels, door handles, and special wheels and brake calipers.

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Limited to just ten pieces – three in red, three in black and four in white – these beauties are meant for Ferrari fans in Japan for a whopping $ 320,000.