Ferrari celebrates it’s win with Limited Scuderia spider 16M for $277,000

Ferrari is celebrating its latest Formula One Constructors title win with the Scuderia. To add to the festivities of winning their 16th award Ferrari has launched its limited-edition open-top Scuderia Spider 16M. Want to know all about this amazing sports machine? This superb car blends the best of the existing F430 Scuderia and the F430 Spider to gain a very lightweight drop-top with power facts competing for any fixed-roof competition. The car achieves to pass the speed of 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds this becoming one of the fastest cars to be built by Scuderia ever built. Powered by a 510 hp 4.3L V8 engine, it reaches its flying speed at 196 mph. That’s not all folks. The amazing machine comes with an iPod touch dock right in the center of the dashboard, which acquires the information access, and the control of the entertainment system.

This dream machine is priced at $277,000. So if this red baby is just what you need, go for it and watch, as the neighborhood turns green.

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