Ferrari stunt at ancient landmark in China goes horribly wrong

In a country where luxury cars are viewed with contempt and envy, they symbolize the widening gap between the rich and the poor. So when a new Ferrari 458 Italia car was seen tearing up the turf on the 14th-century city wall in Nanjing, China, it didn’t quite come as a surprise when China’s online community displayed its anger over a video featuring their performance. Well, it wasn’t that simple. When the special-edition car performed drifts on the ramparts of Zhonghua Gate, or Gate of China, in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, it left some clear tracks on the gate’s brick structure, and cleaners effort to remove them failed too. Mind you, is it the most ancient city wall still standing in China and regarded as the Unesco World Heritage Site.

A video clip showing the $954,000 car in action is posted below. The ‘unauthorized action’ staged by the local Ferrari distributor wasn’t taken by the locals very well, and the company has issued an apology for the unfortunate incident. An expert on ancient city wall protection also believes that the sports car’s violent motion could have compromised the inner structure of the gate. While that statement may seem too far-fetched an effect for a few track marks, an incident such as this must have sparked encouragement for sporting similar actions among the onlookers. So it is safe to say that somebody else might have their preparations going to emulate the ‘heroic’ act!

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