Ferrari unveils a dozen 599 HGTE China edition cars

After, Vacheron, it is now the turn of famous automaker Ferrari to commemorate its special relationship with China. The famous auto brand has found a strong market of buyers in the Dragon land and wants to strengthen this relationship. To mark this special bond, Ferrari has announced a special edition exclusively for the Chinese market! The special Chinese edition car is based on the 599 GTB Fiorano with its new Handling GTE package. The limited-edition car has been spruced up with special touches designed by Chinese artist Lu Hao. The starter button glows jade green, the tachometer flaunts ancient Chinese characters instead of the usual numerals, and the luggage is decorated with a map of the Silk Road taken by the famous Italian explorer Marco Polo.

Only a dozen units of this exclusive Chinese Edition will be made. Considering the market and number of buyers in China, these cars are sure to disappear fast.

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