First Aston Martin One-77 is wrecked in the world’s most expensive car crash

It hurts to post about the first crash of a Aston Martin One-77 closely on heels of reporting about the last of the 77 beasts that was up for sale. We’ve seen the world’s most expensive car crashes which involved more than one super cars. But this crash will be towed away in history as the most expensive car crash involving a single car. The limited-edition supercar from Aston Martin’s stable was wrecked in Hongkong. It is reported that this vehicle’s owner is from Shenzen, China. The rare and expensive One-77 worth almost $2 million got this makeover by hitting the curb at high speed. The absence of the number plates suggests that it may not have been registered or insured yet. That brings us to the conclusion that a brand new and probably one of the last built Aston Martin One-77 ends up as a wreck, and only 76 of them rule the roads.