First class Flying on United Arab Emirates

Bet you (gruffly) remember the last time you spent more than a dozen of hours on a plane! It’s actually anguishing your time. All you would have done is- eat crackers for meals; sit cramped in between two people and watch a really crappy movie endlessly. Talk about flying high in Luxury ‘cubicles’ offered in First class on United Arab Emirates. If we are not mistaken then, the luxurious compartments are designed by Contour. In the night mode the cabin ceiling simulates a star sky with hundreds of small LEDs. Other specs include a music back catalogue with noise-cancelling headphones and an a la carte menu – not to mention a proper vintage wine selection.

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This is a perfect alternative to Palm Jumeirah airship while flying opulently to UAE. Apparently the United Arab Emirates is known for luxury and indulgence. Take a look at some of the luxurious landmarks of the city of Dubai we have already posted.