Fly in style and comfort with the private jet service from Qatar Executive

If you have a set business in the middle-east or you are a frequent flier, why not book a private jet for your quick flying needs. You need to save time, for the popular business maxim goes, time is money! Then you must get acquainted with Qatar Executive a VVIP service which a subsidiary of Air Qatar. The service has launched two new Bombardier Challenger 300 and 605 aircrafts, which have the capacity to flying up to 4,000 nautical miles without a break! And the best part is you can book an aircraft four hours before departure and can check in 10-minutes before take-off!

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The challenger 300 comes with feature eight leather seats, while the challenger 605 have 11 leather seats that can recline to give you a full length sleeping compartment. The planes are spacious enough for confidential and private airborne meetings too. Fliers can board the aircraft at the Doha International Airport via the VIP Terminal for departures and arrivals. The service is world class, ensuring personal attention, comfort and fine dining along with a faster mode of transport.

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