Flying car to be a reality soon

Whoever thought that the Jetsons era is yet far, far away, had better think again. Thanks to Moller International who are developing The ‘Autovolantor’ – based on a £200,000 ($328,000) Ferrari 599 GTB, the flying car could soon be a reality. The car will have the ability to take off vertically and hover thanks to eight powerful thrusters, which direct air down, for take-off. The vents then tilt helping the car to fly forward. Designer Bruce Calkins says the car features a specially designed hybrid fuel and electric system to power the thrusters, creating as much as 800 horsepower. The car is expected to reach speeds up to 100 mph on land and 150mph in the air. The designer has hopes that the car will reach heights up to 5,000 ft! Once in the air, the vehicle is expected to maneuver like a helicopter, tilting nose down to move forward, rolling right or left for changes in direction.

Moller chose the Ferrari for this dream project because its general layout perfectly matched the shape that they were looking for. If this car becomes a reality in the next two years, the estimated price is said to be around £500,000 ($645,000) per car! So let’s keep our fingers crossed for this dream to turn into a reality soon and end our traffic woes once and for all.

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