Flying high with Versace and Tag Aircraft Interiors

If you’re dejected with the callous service and the drab interiors on public airlines and you have the surplus wealth to spare, then flying in your personal private jet is surely the best way out. Take a visit to Italy’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, otherwise known as the Milan Furniture Fair, and see the difference! Here you can see mock-ups of private jet interiors designed by Versace. The Italian fashion house’s design “wing” has a partnership with TAG Group, to produce bespoke interiors for private jets ONLY! Versace Design provides a complete interior design service for TAG Aviation, consulting with architects and specialist aircraft engineers as well as the TAG clients themselves, to produce a luxury salon traveling at 500mph, 50,000 feet up in the air. For those who prefer more privacy while onboard, Versace can produce a miniaturized version of its branded hotel, by squeezing private rooms inside the fuselage.

The designs available to these elite aviation clients include its famous Greek fret motif and huge rose pattern prints. The company also offers fixtures and fittings in contemporary colors and textures. Aircraft exterior paint schemes can also be customized. Versace has long been synonymous with interior design, as it was the first fashion house to create a home wear collection, and the first house to create a branded hotel. The move into the design for aviation is a logical extension of the house’s expertise in this field and is another first for a fashion brand. Versace is not just about fashion, but about luxury in every aspect of life…of course available for a sky-scraping price!

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