For Junior – A $15,000 Land Rover Defender pedal car

Off-roading has never been child’s play, until now. Land Rover decided to bring its adventure-loving expertise to children’s toys recently, with a special Defendor pedal car. While this is only a prototype for now, a full production version of the same will be available from 2016 onwards. This pedal car is a tribute to the real Defendor, a car that’s on its final production phase. A fitting farewell to a car that has been on assembly lines since 1948, the Defendor pedal car is hand built in the United Kingdom. The car also sports the numbe rplate ”HUE 166′, to pay homage to the first-ever pre-production Land Rover, nicknamed the ‘Huey’.

Land Rover’s Defendor 6
Sporting a rolled-edge aluminium frame and a the original Loire Blue paint found on the real Defendor, this pedal car also sports the iconic protective chequer plate as well as off-road tires with mud flaps. The car’s drive assembly enables a child using it to move forward and backwards in the car. A spring suspension keeps away bumps while a breaking system, along with a parking break, adds to this pedal-car’s uniqueness. The production version of this pedal car is expected to come with a price tag of £10,000 (approximately $15,300).

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Land Rover’s Defendor 3

Land Rover’s Defendor 4

Land Rover’s Defendor 5

Land Rover’s Defendor 2