For the Italian in your garage – A $250 special Blend car wax

If you love your car enough, you’ll know the joy of giving your four-wheeled beloved a healthy dose of wax once in a while. Now if you’re in the market for something a little more premium than the rest of the car waxes available out there, here’s what you should be looking at, a limited edition Griot’s Garage wax unleashed in commemoration of the brand’s 25th anniversary. The 25th Anniversary Blend is the finest wax you can settle for hand comes in a very special vessel too! The wax’s container is essentially billet aluminum, piston-shaped container that’ll leave every car enthusiast grinning. The wax is handcrafted and promises to give your car the deepest gloss and the clearest reflections.

The wax is made from pure grade one carnauba with a mix of a unique blend of polymers that in turn fortify the carnauba’s protectiveness. Only 150 of the 25th Anniversary Blend will be sold and each container will come with 5.3 ounces of wax. Priced at $250.00 a pop, the 25th Anniversary Blend wax from Griot’s Garage is perhaps one of the best ways to have your car look as good as new. Go ahead, give your car all that it deserves!

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[ Available at : Griotsgarage ]

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