Forbes lists the most amazing and expensive garages

For a car enthusiast and collector, a garage is more than just a place to keep your car. Being the abode of his/her favorite rides, he/she treasures and nurtures it. Just to prove how obsessed some folks can be about their garage, here is a look at some of the most amazing garages as listed by Forbes. The list has been compiled with the help of Candice Cerro and Richard Garcia, agents at And before we start listing the names, we would like to add that according to realtors, an amazing car garage in a home adds many thousands of dollars worth of value, depending on how much money went into the garage itself.

Going by this piece of information, the garage of the $38 million Franklin, Tenn. estate is definitely the most expensive. Spacious enough to park your fleet of 20 cars, this garage is undoubtedly one of the most priced assets of the property that features a horse stable, a 10 acre lake, boat house, gym, lake side cabin and a guest house.
Second on the list is the $24.9million estate in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The garage of this estate is equipped to house 20 cars and also includes a $400,000 show garage with vintage gas pumps, a gleaming, ’50s-style checked floor, and art-deco columns and lighting.
Number three on the list of the most amazing and expensive garages, is a five-plus car garage that has led to the asking the value of the Las Vegas house to $16.5 million. The unique showcase garage features separate auto-washing and repair stations.
A $10 million tennis estate features yet another amazing garage that has room for 15 cars (including a four-car garage finished just for show) and a 60-foot RV barn.
The eight-car garage in an $8.75 million home in Las Vegas too is another stunning place to park your cars. The climate-controlled garage (climate control helps protect valuable vintage vehicles from mildew, rust and fading) features hardwood flooring, a wall-hung flat-screen TV and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
Another estate valued at $6.5 million features a six car, 2,100-square-foot garage, complete with custom-made cabinets and humidity control.
Just one look at the amazing design and features of these high-tech garages and you know why they are responsible for raising the value of the home they are attached to by thousands of dollars. To have a look at the rest of the amazing and of course expensive garages click here.

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