Ford will adopt a vetting process like Ferrari to decide if customers are worth for the new GT

American automaker Ford really loves its new supercar, the reinvented GT. In a bid to make its fabulous brainchild unique and rare, the company has adopted a vetting process for customers who’re looking to bring home one of these mean machines. Simply put, Ford will decide if a customer should own a GT or not. Ford has stated that the car will only be sold to customers who will actually drive the GT around regularly, instead of storing it on display at motor museums. The company wants owners of the GT to take pleasure in driving the car, the way it’s meant to be enjoyed!

Some of the questions on the manufacturer’s booking website of the GT include how many Ford cars the prospective buyer has owned before, how often the buyer drives a supercar, and how active the buyer is on social media. With this vetting process, Ford sincerely hopes that the car is driven by brand loyalists. Owners of the new Ford GT will also need to sign a contract with the manufacturer which will forbid them from reselling the car! “We want to prioritize people who are going to care about the car, keep the car, and drive the car,” Raj Nair, Ford’s product chief, said to the News.

[ Via : Autoblog ]

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