Four Seasons unveils 2022 itineraries onboard its ultra luxurious private jet

Luxury world travelers – lo and behold! Four Seasons is now here with 2022 itineraries that will make you want to hop on a plane this very moment! The service is introduced onboard the marquee’s all-new private jet with complete health and safety protocols in tow.

The itineraries propose travels to Hawaii, Bora Bora, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Taj Mahal in India, Dubai, Prague, and London. One of the sojourns also includes a 13-day trip to Africa with an immersive experience that encompasses its rich cultures and traditions, its captivating history, and modern-day ecology. Traversing through Athens and the Pyramids of Egypt, the tour covers the Serengeti in Tanzania, Mauritius, Rwanda, Victoria Falls in Zambia, and Johannesburg.

Part of the Four Seasons Jet Experience, the trips for 2020 are set to take place onboard the Airbus A321neo-LR jet. With a 48-seat interior, Italian leather chairs, and hospital-grade air filtration system, the aircraft ensures travelers’ best luxury experience. Back in 2019, Four Seasons had also unveiled the Airbus A321LR aircraft. However, for 2022, it will be equipping the Airbus A321neo-LR into service with bookings currently open! Ready to be whisked across the globe in style?

[Via: PR Newswire]

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