Frauscher reveals their 747 Mirage yacht

Frauscher’s 747 Mirage is a six-person luxury yacht that shows every promise of being a game changer. The yacht was designed by Studio Kiska and Thomas Gerzer, with work from hydrodynamic expert Harry Miesbauer.

The driving position in the cockpit features a center console made to measure with the two seats for the pilot and co-pilot. Behind these seats is a leather sofa for passengers with a backrest that can be lowered to broaden the sun pad located at the stern. In the bow area, guests can relax in the sipping drink from the optional folding table that can be kept raised, or lowered to extend the sunbathing area.

There is storage space beneath the seats in the front and rear, under the stern bench which can also fit a refrigerator, underneath the corridor of access as well as in the large bow locker, and the two side rooms. The low bow design allows for clear visibility at any speed and Frauscher uses marine-certified equipment which offers a maximum service life for all components. The yacht’s audio tech is from brands like Clarion, Bose, or Fusion Electronics and it includes other features like Bluetooth, iPod, iPhone and USB-compatibility, and some bespoke audio equipment.

The rear of the boat features a bathing ladder with three retractable teak steps which allows guests to step down into the ocean for a swim. We often come across yachts that are incredibly ostentatious or decadent, but while this one is elegantly designed, it is simple as well as functional.


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