‘GAMA Old School’, a 1,800cc bike with 18k gold

‘GAMA Old School’, weird name for a bike though, is a flashy 18 karat gold plated bespoken bike for the ostentatious riders. Moonchoppers, a local Korean motorcycle manufacturer had unveiled a 1,800cc customizable bike built with its individual technology at the second KIMOST ’06, an international motorcycle show held at EXCO, Daegu from September 6th until 10th. To maximize a visual effect, the company employed a mother-in-pearl painting technique and plated several parts with 18K gold. We need not say much about it as the pictures (more after the jump) of this Gold Plated Motorcycle will do the talking.

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Equipped with 6 speed LSD transmission, it can generate maximum 97ps/5,200rpm.