GarageMahal: A luxury crib for your luxurious sedan

The GarageMahal which is a brainchild of designer Michael Rhodig is the next level of “Overhauling” which doesn’t transform your cars, but your garage! It provides all the services and products to create a completely unique space, where each garage can be customized around a central theme which could support an Art Deco to high-tech to outer space. GarageMahal was launched in early 2003, after which Michael spent 3 years on the research and development, to present it in an all new form in 2005. Michael Rhodig worked on many different garage interiors and presented the customers with the one that suits their profession and style. Take a look at the stunning Smith Garage which is a smooth combination of art deco gasoline pumps and high tech. He also pays a lot of attention to details governing the customers’ background as well as the precise materials used for this purpose. Also check out the garage with aircraft safety switches which Michael worked on to surprise one of his clients who worked as a US Air Force pilot.

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The garage with large red panels are rolling doors which Michael created for another customer needing larger storage capacity at floor level than typical box style cabinets and cost about $130.00 per square ft. Then there is the Scottsdale Garage which looked like a boring old junkyard but got a swanky makeover by GarageMahal within the customers’ budget. Then there is the Zen Garage which got overhauled for about $125,000(for a 752sq ft space).
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