GarageMahal offer customized garages

Mahal mean a palace and that’s what you need to treat your beloved car to. You can’t let your baby just sit in any odd space in the garage, now can you! In step the people from GarageMahal who offer an array of services. With a variety of designs, the custom garage can reflect both vintage and modern themes. To give you an idea, their Collector Class service comes with GarageMahals creative and detailed design services, metallic floor coatings, rolling door storage, Upgraded electrical system, Moderate framing and drywall changes, Complete paint scheme, Architectural surfaces, Custom trim and Customized lighting.

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The average cost of getting the Collector Class GarageMahal is approximately $50.00 per sq. ft. The sample shown is a typical 400 sq. ft. Collector Class GarageMahal costing $20,000. The designs max up to $125.00 per square feet. Happy garage decorating!