Garia golf car can be personalized with supercar-inspired accessories

Golf is not a layman’s sport; it’s for the rich and famous; Some of the world’s biggest business deals have been hammered out on the golf course. So when it comes to golf carts, the choice for top golf players, whether professional or leisure players, are always Garia. They drive the best cars when not on the golf course, and they choose to continue that trend with Garia on the golf course. Garia is of course known to make top of the line golf carts such as the 2+2 multifunctional vehicle, the Mansory edition carbon fiber, customized cars with pink seats and of course the most expensive golf car Soleil de Minuit. They have taken decided to now bring the luxury of supercars to the golf cart. Giving patrons the chance to feel like they are in their own personal Bentleys and Bugattis. Garia has partnered with Mansory, known for customizing luxury supercars, to provide customers with over 60 supercar accessories. There are over 60 accessories, including the ever-popular carbon fiber accents, teak tree floors and dashboards, and waterproof custom colored leather seats.

Designer and Creative Director at Garia, Anders Lynge, has said that this partnership will feed a customer base looking to stand out from the rest and express their personality and individuality. This customized luxury golf and leisure car will give you the feeling of being in the comfort of your own personal supercar, just without the speed.

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