Gemballa introduces real diamond auto finish for a million-dollar sparkle

When I saw a movie that smuggled kilos of gold through the customs in cars finished out of pure gold- I thought it was unreal. When I saw gold dust to give a car its finish in “Pimp my Ride,” I thought, no way! Well, I guess I was waiting for that classic foot in the mouth situation to strike! Long-time Porsche tuner Gemballa just startled the world by announcing an automotive finish that uses REAL DIAMONDS to give it its much-needed bling or, should we say- a million-dollar sparkle. Technically elaborate and never to be beaten in terms of exclusivity, the German-based company claims this revolutionary finish is the first of its kind and uses actual gem than using reflective ingredients like metal pigments, crystals, or glass. Ask why and the answer is, diamond has the highest refractive index of all carbon derivatives, plus grinding it to smaller bits increases the refractive qualities of its shine! Of course, the more the number of stones per surface area, the better the shine.

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Although there is no mention of its price or specifics by far, there is no going wrong in judging that a finish like this will separate the who’s who from the ‘who?’! A perfect finishing touch for the carbon-fiber bodywork of Gemballa’s ultra-exclusive cars, this is shine personified!

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