Gem-studded Pink Porsche 997 Carrera spotted in UAE

The folks in UAE just don’t seem to be happy with the paint jobs that automakers offer these days. No wonder we see so many customized versions of some of the most famed cars zooming down the streets of UAE. The latest custom beauty that caught our eye was this pink Porsche 997 Carrerra. Spotted parked outside a mall in Emirates, this custom Porsche is one cute little showstopper. Besides charming me with its pink paint job and gem-studded number plate, the car also won my heart with its overall sporty design. The Carrera is equipped with an aero package that gives the car a sportier look with a rear wing and a sportier front bumper. Since I love the color pink, this pink Carrera has appealed to me no end.

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Did I mention, the word “Carrera” is made of sparkling gems as well? What I would give to own this beauty.