Germany provides luxury in times of emergency

If you have never had the good fortune of traveling in a luxury car then simply move up to Germany, stand in the middle of the road and wait for a speeding car to run you’re a** over. If you are lucky enough, a Porsche Cayenne with a shiny blue siren on top will come to your rescue. Two of these SUVs have been adopted by a Stuttgart hospital and have been modified to accommodate all that an ambulance must contain including ECG, defibrillator and oxygen supply. Well, if you take my word for real then I wish you luck. But then, wouldn’t auctioning of a kidney fetch you enough to get a new Porsche? The choice is yours.

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A Cayenne costs a hefty 70,000 Euros ($100,714). The company doesn’t plan to sacrifice all their vehicles for health services but if these are a success, I feel they shouldn’t fret no more.