Gibson and Nissan team up to unveil a unique mobile guitar repair van

An iconic collaboration between Nissan and Gibson presents an utterly unique end product; the Gibson NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van, a guitar repair truck! In a hitherto unheard of the marriage of music and automobiles, this truck is an extension of both Gibson Pro Audio and Gibson’s fabled Repair & Restoration shop in Nashville. The van is a quick response support vehicle for professional and part-time musicians who need to repair their Gibson instruments. It will also function as an educational tool to the public by representing luthiers’ art, someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments. It will debut at the New York Auto Show and evokes a classic Gibson look.

The Gibson NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van is done up in wood veneer and shades of brown and black.

It boasts a guitar rack with four instruments, a sliding 56-inch long repair table, toolbox, genuine Gibson stools, and a sound system by Gibson Pro Audio.

As unique as this venture is, we are waiting to see how well it actually works out!


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