Gold Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 caught on video in Miami

Lovers of bling-on-wheels will definitely have no hard time remembering the gilded Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 that we told you about. Yes, it’s the same Lambo that was pulled over by the cops in Miami (a case of too much bling, we guess). Well, for those who longed to know more about this gilded beauty, here is some more info on this golden creation. The V12 engine beauty which is capable of a top speed of 217 mph and produces 700 hp, was given the gilded makeover by Prestige Imports of Miami. Named AU79, after gold’s name on the periodic table of elements, this beauty took its makers over 70 days to make.
The transformation of this Lambo into a golden showstopper cost over $50,000! So you can imagine how much this special edition beauty will cost you in totality, given that the car itself costs over a half million dollars!

Project Au79 was the collaborative effort of Prestige Imports / Lamborghini Miami & Cinemotive. Brett David created Project Au79 hoping the car would have its own personality allowing worldwide photographers and filmmakers to capture the car in their cameras. The video depicts the car in some of the most secured areas of Miami (probably where the car was caught by the cops).

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Have a look at the video to watch this gilded beauty makes its way across Miami.