Gold-soaked King ZL1 Camaro rides on 30-inch gilded wheels with three 23-inch TVs

One thing’s for sure. We’ve never seen a car this shiny and eye-catching before. Converted from an otherwise plain Chevrolet Camaro, this fit-for-a-king car christened the ‘King ZL1‘ Camaro comes with a gold paint job successfully executed by car modifier 813 Customs. Probably not the car you’d want to drive down to the grocery store, this Camaro includes a Whipple supercharger added on to its 6.2-liter V-8 engine. Apart from that, if you haven’t noticed already, the King ZL1 sports 30-inch Forgiato Maschili wheels unlike any you’d come across on a regular day. And that’s not all.

The car also includes three 23-inch TVs, enough speakers to drain out the world’s sounds outside, and a convertible hood. Not the conventional American muscle car you’d roar down the streets in, this ‘King ZL1‘ Camaro is a piece of blinged-out art, to be precise!

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