Gold plated Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet is up for grabs

The unique Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet which was once stolen by a prospective buyer in Russia (and reported as a Porsche 911 then) is up for grabs now. Featuring 20 kg of gold plating, the design elements of the car are fabricated by celebrated Russian artist Denis Simachev. The car is built-in with Gemballa exhaust, a Brembo brake system and a set of Techart wheels, with the display showing 58,535 km. The catchy exterior is not all; the car has an equally eye-catching set of interior mats.

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The funny part is that the car’s purchase cost was around 330,000 Euros ($433,529), while it goes on sale at a much cheaper price of 46,300 Euros. ($60,812) While the authenticity of gold on this baby is doubtful, we sure know that the skin on the Maybach 62S spotted recently is pure gold.
[GTSpirit via Autogespot]

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